High School Diploma or Equivalency

High School Diploma or Equivalency

Congratulations on taking your first step toward getting your high school diploma or equivalency!

Read the comparison between a diploma and an equivalency to determine YOUR next step.


The high school diploma is the evidence of successfully completing the basic education required by law in order to graduate from a California public high school.

  • Students must complete specified state and local graduation requirements
  • These requirements vary among school districts
  • Eligible for all branches military service


The High School Equivalency Test (HSE) test is a national test that may be taken in California by persons who are eighteen years of age or older, or who meet specific criteria for testing at age seventeen.

  • The High School Equivalency (HSE) test is administered statewide throughout the year.
  • Currently there are three approved HSE tests: (GED®, HiSET®, and TASC™)
  • Topics tested on HSE tests include language arts/reading, language arts/writing, mathematics, science, and social studies
  • The average fee to take the test is $140
  • Not eligible for all branches of military service