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The San Juan Unified School District Adult Education program has proudly served our community for decades. We are pleased to continue supporting the vital needs of adults in several areas and we are participants within the District’s Strategic Plan. We serve thousands of parents in our community through classes that will both support their children in school and improve their station in life,
Research shows that when parents value education and set goals to improve their own academic abilities, that the children are also more likely to hold the same values and are more likely to succeed in school and in life. With that premise, we have courses that support adults who desire to complete the requirements leading to a high school diploma (something that they didn’t finish before), enabling adults to improve their employment opportunities. We serve busy adults through independent study, where they meet once a week with their teacher, but complete the course work at home when life slows down and the house is quiet. We also serve many who want to prepare for, pass and attain the GED Certificate, an alternative for some who find it a valuable necessity to advance in the workforce.
We teach English as a Second Language to support the parents in our community that need to enter the workforce and/or become citizens. Speaking English at home is essential as they support their own children in our school system.
We have courses for adults who need to attain new vocational skills to get back into the workplace. Pricing affordability and quality education is our focus. We are accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
We also teach courses that keep adults active and engaged in other areas of interest, such as music, art, digital media and photography. Adults tell us stories of how these courses have enriched their lives. We get stories from others about the huge impact these classes have their parents who come to our program and find new significance in life through new avenues of learning and self-expression.
As a result, the San Juan community has many opportunities to continuously support and engage the adult learners, who, in turn, gain advantages and benefits that support our Kindergarten through 12th grade comprehensive school system.
Adult Education is making a difference in our community.

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